Light, both natural and artificial, is an integral part of architecture and influences everything we see and feel from texture and form to colour, contrast and mood.

At PJC Light Studio we focus on delivering lighting solutions that consider the functionality of every space whilst developing an aesthetic that integrates seamlessly into the design and architectural details. We collaborate closely with the Client, Architect and Design Team as early as possible to establish a clear understanding of the project from its inception. As we work through each project we employ a range of concept visualisation techniques, CAD and technical tools to effectively communicate our design ideas.

Our studio brings a breadth of experience gained both at home and abroad on a wide range of projects from retail, hospitality and cultural to large-scale architectural interiors and exterior landscapes. Our senior designers have excellent lighting design skills along with an established knowledge of products and regulations combined with creative vision and the specification of cutting edge technology. This helps us to deliver considered, cost effective lighting schemes that significantly contribute to the success of each project.

Our core team frequently draws upon a network of designers with whom we have established working relationships, allowing us to maintain flexibility and comfortably manage varying workloads from concept design and detailed documentation through to site commissioning. We provide full documentation, design and technical support throughout the project.