PJC Lighting

Phase 1

Concept Design
After initial briefings with the Client, Architect and Design Team, we work to create and develop lighting design concepts that are closely integrated with the architecture, interior design or landscape aesthetic. We will produce presentation materials to convey the overall design intention. An important part of our approach is to integrate and conceal light fittings making this component of the design as discreet as possible. Where lighting becomes an intentional feature or decorative element we draw on our combined experience to source the optimal artifacts Emphasis is always given to design detail, simplicity of client operation, ease of maintenance and energy efficiency.

Feasibility Study
We produce a feasibility report with an outline of necessary investigative actions if required on existing buildings.

Cost Analysis
We assist in the preparation of cost reports, budgets and other consultation documents.

Phase 2

Production of CAD lighting plans and identification of the lighting design in relation to the architectural layouts and details.

Specifications and Luminaire Schedules
Detailed specification of lighting equipment and production schedules, in particular, light fitting manufacturers, lamp types and any special accessories.

Phase 3

Lighting Control
Lighting zones and scenes are identified here. Specification for the control/dimming equipment is drawn up and electrical load schedules that correlate with the final layout plans are produced in this phase.

Load Schedules
We clearly schedule the electrical loads and zone grouping of the light fittings area by area to present to the electrical and mechanical engineer or contractor for purposes of the electrical distribution, cable sizes and air conditioning requirements.

Verification of typical lighting calculations where required.

Design Details
We produce detailed drawings showing the architecturally integrated elements of the design for incorporation into the Architects/Interior Designers details.

We supervise any requirements for lighting mock-ups, requested by the Client, Architect or Interior Designer.

Custom Design
If a standard light fitting cannot be found to suit the requirements of the project (i.e. due to photometric or decorative requirements) we can assist in the development of a custom light fitting design to provide the client with a unique solution.

Phase 4

We document revisions as required.

CDM Risk Assessment
In accordance with Construction Design Management Regulations.

We coordinate with the design team, construction team and manufacturers and respond to requests for information from site as necessary. To review tender returns, shop drawings, technical submittals and alternative specifications in order to facilitate the production, purchase and installation of lighting equipment. We also implement site visits on request to verify compliance with the lighting design and provide advice.

Phase 5

Final Focusing and Commissioning
We review the installed lighting equipment, supervise focusing of adjustable lighting, ensure correct installation of all accessories and oversee the programming of lighting control systems as agreed with the Client.

Phase 6

Site Monitor
A periodic review of the lighting installation is recommended to ensure that design integrity is maintained.